In Wahls Warriors

by M.C.

I just saw your video of 11/11/11. Your story is much like mine. I never had the diagnosis of MS, but was looking at a life in a wheelchair or bedridden. I was told I was pretty close to death as well and was given prescription medications to take. To make a long story short, I do eat your diet short of enough kale, fish, and organ meats.

It has been almost a year, and I can tell I’m not all better, but better! I have to be patient. I can jump on my rebounder with the hope of running someday, I can drive a car again, but with limitations, and I can almost sleep just like my body should.

I am very blessed to have a sister, a doctor, and a God who helped me with every step.

Saying my life has changed is putting it mildly. I have life again.

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