In Wahls Warriors

By C. F.

I have been working on my diet myself for some time due to deterioration.

I felt sure that there was more I could do for myself other than just go downhill and live in great pain and discomfort with no real help from doctors, apart from medications.

I stumbled across Dr. Wahls this year while researching the Paleo diet, the direction I have taken. Dr. Wahls’ diet pretty much mirrors what I have been working toward. I find it encouraging to find an actual doctor following the journey I myself was on as my own doctors seemed to be questioning the validity of my belief in food as a contributor to disease.

I now show Dr. Wahls’ book to support my journey. The proof, as they say, is in the pudding: I have arrested my deterioration and increased the rapidity of my recovery from fatigue, heat stress, and illness. Plus I have massive improvement with my bowels and reduction of the MS fog.

Initially, I went gluten-free then I started finding out what foods I was intolerant to. Gradually my bowels started to work and the pain reduced. My inflammation count was sky high and is now close to normal.

This process has been ongoing for nearly 3 years. Now I eat a Paleo diet – grain-free and dairy-free –with the occasional break to eat a potato!

I cannot eat a number of items recommended in the diet (allergic to cabbage among others) but my real noticeable and rapid change occurred only after eliminating all allergen foods.

Therefore, I highly recommend identifying allergen foods as part of your diet and lifestyle changes. We are all different and need to tailor a solution specific to ourselves.

The only thing I haven’t taken on board is eating offal – still getting there – so I take supplements. The next step! Whether or not I can reverse the damage done can only be told with time.

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