In Wahls Warriors

by M.R.

“Dr. Wahls, your diet healed my brother of whatever his condition was when the hospital told him a breathing machine would be his best friend for the rest of his life and believe me, nobody thought the rest of his life would last very long. As a bonus he was also healed of high blood pressure and diabetes.

He has been insulin-, atenolol- and steroid-free for two months and in better health than he was five years prior. I was watching him die while waiting on an appointment to see a specialist when I knew I had to do something before it was too late. I found you and two weeks later I was glad he never saw the specialist because if he had, I would not have found you.

I sat in tears when I realized your diet was his cure because one of my best friends has battled MS for almost 30 years and I knew this diet was specifically designed for her.

She now knows about it and wants to go on this diet. We shall see. In closing I want to say I think you should win the Nobel Peace Prize because since Mother Teresa, nobody deserves it more.”

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