In Wahls Warriors

by M.M.

I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis this fall, also an autoimmune disease, and decided to adopt Terry Wahls’ ideas as soon as I’d seen her lecture (thanks to Dr. Mercola for posting a link to it on his website). It’s refreshing to read that you can truly heal yourself with food.

I’d suffered so many problems leading up to this diagnosis and was already very much focused on food as the ‘answer’ and of course the ‘problem’ in my life too. I am completely healed of the arthritis (though my doctor says I can’t declare this until I’ve gone 1 year without a flare-up, but I’d like to!). It took 4 months to clear it up, along with other aches and pains & brain fog (IBS and Fibromyalgia were diagnoses earlier in my life that I would not accept but suffered with for 12 years).

I have been dairy- and gluten-free for years and am now strictly gluten-free, grain-free, and egg-free. I juice every day, drink smoothies (berries & banana with hemp milk), eat lots of salads and occasionally steam veggies and eat fish & chicken but only in small portions. My husband has adopted this lifestyle too. I dropped 6 lbs in the first 6 days, and people who saw me at Christmas asked what I’d done. Imagine: eating healthy foods could help with weight issues too…why does that seem strange? My kids have allergies so our home has always been a place where food is the focus.

Now I have Terry’s regimen photocopied on the corkboard to remind me what I need to be eating in a day!

I’m 118 lbs and she did say for a woman that 2 cups of greens & sulphurous veggies & colors would do, and that’s all I can handle in a day.

I’m so happy now and will return to work in 2 weeks after being off for months. Thank you Dr. Wahls!

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  • Beckie

    I would be very interested in speaking with you! I have been suffering with arthritis of unknown origin (a rheumatologist mentioned that it could be psoriatic arthritis at one point). The arthritis has begun to be unbearable, I am eating paleo now, had tried Wahls diet in 2010 (9 cups fruits/veggies) no gluten, but hadn’t incorporated the rest.

    • Naomi Wahls

      Hi Beckie,

      Dr. Wahls is available on Facebook chat at 7pm ET on 3/6/2014 (today if you are in the U.S.).

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