In Wahls Warriors

by K.M.

I have been actively applying Dr. Wahls’ diet for the last six weeks. I have Relapsing Remitting MS. It is incredible to get my energy level back and improve my gait and balance, in just a few short months. Dr. Wahls has given me hope for a better quality of life.

It is a process, so be patient with yourself. At first I went gluten-free, then dairy-free, then I added organic meats and veggies. Currently I juice everyday and strive for 9 cups as suggested. After researching my favorite replacements, it has now become a positive way of life for me.

My husband who suffers from arthritis has experienced less pain in his joints. I have read Dr. Wahls’ current book and find myself reading it a second and third time. Thank you for giving us hope.

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