In Wahls Warriors

by D.W.

“We have been following The Wahls Protocol for 6 weeks. My husband (57 years old) has been exhibiting Parkinson’s symptoms and has been seeing a neurologist since July 2011.

In just 6 weeks, his PD symptoms have shown significant reversal. The most dramatic is the restoration of his balance and the return of his normal walking gait.

Also affected: asthma gone in one week, blood pressure normal, speech clear, normal sleep patterns,
more energy, consistently brighter mood.

He has been an exercise enthusiast since age 21, which has certainly been a factor in his enduring strength and quick recovery. His right side is regaining strength and becoming more balanced each day.

We started to re-introduce foods at 5 weeks on the 4-day rotation and found that sweet potatoes work fine but dairy showed up within hours in the form of general digestive upset, headache, slurred speech and nasal/throat congestion/drip. Amazing!

We will continue with grain-free, legume-free, dairy-free, 12 cups of vegetables, etc, until all symptoms are gone before we add anything.

Thank you, Dr. Wahls, this is very exciting!”

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