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So, you have changed your diet. You are moving more. You’ve found more ways to relax to counter daily stress and you aren’t experiencing the health outcomes you were expecting.

If you find yourself in this situation, it may be time to detoxify your home and environment.

Inflammation problems can manifest as ailments like infertility, eczema, fatigue, chronic pain. Wahls Warrior, Kerry Maclaurin, has transformed her own family’s health challenges into an opportunity to help others. She is the owner of Our Healthy Friend, a Wahls Protocol Seminar Sponsor, and is on a mission to help people detox their homes and environments to create better health. Her website is a free resource to identify clean, safe products and she also hosts a shopping service for products that her family specifically uses. My team and I have been using some of these products for years.

Learn more about safer, cleaner personal care and home care products at

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