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5.0 out of 5 stars Minding my Mitochondria changed my life!, January 4, 2012

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I came across a link for Minding my Mitochondria 6 months ago when I had given up on ever feeling good again. My MS was definitely winning the battle. I had nothing to lose, so I jumped in with both feet. Even my husband, who thought he was basically healthy to start with, joined me when he read about the diet. Yes, it required willpower to change, but the results have been astounding. My husband no longer needs the acid reflux meds he has taken for more than 20 years!! Our energy levels are through the roof, and our weight has dropped by 20 pounds each and stabilized. People tell us we ‘glow’ and look fabulous. If you want to feel truly healthy again this book is for you!

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  • Shanty

    Hi, I am finding this wesbtie very interesting. I am 53, diagnosed with MS at 41. My symptoms are limited to balance, difficult walking, fatigue, and bladder. My walking has started to decline, although not using a walker or a cane. I started your diet 7 days ago and optimistic for positive results and there is not a downside other than missing some favorite foods (not a big deal). I am hoping to stop my MS meds, both Gillenya and Ampyra. Any thoughts from you and the group on stopping meds, when I see improvement from the diet. Thanks, Steve

    • Chloe Rankin

      Hi Shanty,

      It’s definitely important to work with your physician or functional doctor when stopping medication. When you feel like you are ready, have the discussion with your doctor and proceed from there. It is helpful to discuss the protocol with your healthcare provider and monitor any changes together. You might even consider bringing your copy of the book!

      -The Wahls Team

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