In Wahls Warriors

5.0 out of 5 stars cuts through the minefield, February 5, 2011

By Btag (U.K.) – See all my reviews

I bought this book in the summer-I have had M.S. for 27 years, and while I followed a healthy diet I noticed a significant change when I took some of the advice on board.
I was gluten free for many years and followed a low fat, low sugar diet. However the M. S. still got (slowly) worse-I followed Dr. Wahls advice and adopted a VERY low fat and high vegetable and fruit diet, and I have started to go in the right direction. Even other people have noticed, and I have not asked them or told them I am following a different diet!

I have never been wheelchair bound-but I think pride has a lot to do with that! However I am a wall walker and I have increased the amount of time I can walk without support – as you can gather I have not had a Lazurus moment but I am going in the right direction. I intend to keep following Dr. Wahl’s guidelines as I feel healthy and as far as I’m concerned things can only get better.

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