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Introducing Wahls Protocol® Premium Menus

collection cabbages isolated on a white backgroundMany of you have waited for this!

This incredible program includes a year of access to menus, recipes, and shopping lists for your selected Diet plan (Wahls™, Wahls Paleo™, or Wahls Paleo Plus™) and weekly email notification with links to the menus, recipes, and shopping lists.

Leanne Ely, of, and I have created Wahls Protocol® Premium Menus, recipes that are delicious, easy to prepare from simple ingredients, and completely compliant with the Wahls Protocol® program.

Dr. Wahls and Beets

Food is medicine, and I want you to enjoy health and vitality. 

1500905_636210476437007_72810783_oWhether you switch to Level 2 or Level 3 of the Wahls Protocol doesn’t matter. With the Premium Menus: you can get menus for every level, making it easy to progress on your journey to health.

Instead of spending time stressing about dinner or eating meals that will hurt your body, it’s time to stop struggling to come up with menus and recipes for the week and make dinner easy for you and your family. 

Cooking at home will become simple and fun!

We will provide what you need–menus, recipes, and shopping lists–so you can get back to doing what you want: enjoying your life!


musselsFollowing the Wahls Protocol® Diet plans has never been easier!

For the low price of $204, you’ll get tasty home cooked meals, easy menu planning, and healthy eating without stress or fuss.

Your whole family will love it!

Imagine never having to worry about dinner again while being Wahls compliant!

All Menus serve 4.

Sample Menus

I created 1 day samples for each level. Check those out before you buy:

Got questions? Check out the FAQ page.

I understand everything about the product as described above. I agree with the terms and conditions


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