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ann-garrity-terry-wahls-organic-divasDr. Terry Wahls served as an inspirational mentor to me after my MS diagnosis. By following the Wahls Way, I have optimized my health and vitality and regained confidence knowing I can positively impact the course of my MS. I will be forever in debt to Dr. Wahls for her scientific research and program.

— Ann Garrity President, Organic Diva, LLC

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  • Julie

    Dr wahls diet seems amazing. My husband had ms for over 15 years prim progressive.and is in a sheelchair.
    I have tried all including healty eating as i know it. I cannot get hold of organic and cant grow it myself. I am exhausted trying in all these yeArs. He is on alot of supplements and still no change. I have no idea where to start and not vlear on diet. Is znyone else out there lost like me.
    Thanks julie

    • Chloe Rankin

      Hi Julie,

      I would encourage you to buy the book for a complete description, details and breakdown of the diet. You can purchase the book here.

      Also, you should ask about organic products on our Facebook group and include a major city near you, another follower might be able to help you find a local option.
      Here is the link:

      -The Wahls Team

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