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5.0 out of 5 stars You Owe it to Your Cellular Health to Read This & Pay Attention to Dr. Wahls’ Work, July 19, 2012By Vitality Enthusiast – See all my reviews

“I think anyone who suffers from MS, or any chronic illness for that matter, needs to start paying attention to Dr. Terry Wahls! I would recommend first watching her youtube video, “Minding Your Mitochondria” and then reading this book. Based on her frustration with her own experience, she has dissected the disease of Multiple Sclerosis down to the cellular level. What she essentially now advises, and successfully used to reverse her own MS, is “eating for your cells”. She provides a comprehensive explanation in the book, along with recipes and information & suggestions regarding supplementation. I was diagnosed with Optic Neuritis in December 2011 and told I likely had or would develop MS. I was terrified. Within a few days, I stumbled upon Dr. Wahls’ YouTube video and it completely changed my outlook. I thought I already ate healthy because I grew some of my own food, bought grass-fed beef from a local farm and chose mostly (90%+) organic food. It turns out, gluten (along with most other grains) and dairy (and soy) had been wreaking incredible havoc on my body. Dr. Wahls’ work affirmed the role food sensitivities were playing in the symptoms I was experiencing. With my diet changes, my symptoms have dramatically decreased and are now all but gone. I’d like to believe I made crucial changes at a crucial time and will now not be diagnosed with or experience (any more of) the disease of Multiple Sclerosis. It is still a bit soon to say for sure, but I admire Dr. Wahls and am confident in her work and approach.”

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