In Wahls Warriors

5.0 out of 5 stars Very inspiring, July 11, 2012

By G.S.”This book was given to me by my mother who has MS. I do not have the chronic disease, but I have suffered from gastrointestinal problems for quite a long time. This book inspired me to completely change my diet. I went from a diet made entirely of processed foods with very little fruit or veg, to a diet much like the one outlined in this book. Of course this book is not the first to tout the wonders of a diet based on whole foods and healthy fats, this is the one that truly inspired me to change for the better.The results were absolutely astounding. My extra weight started to just fall off of me, and now a year later, I have not gained it back. I was able to get off of all the medications I was taking for my various gastro problems. Even though my doctors said changing my diet would not significantly help my condition, it has made all the difference. After nearly a decade of trying to quit smoking, this book inspired me to give it up for good.My transformation inspired my boyfriend to also follow this diet, and he is healthier and happier because  of it. My point is that even if you do not suffer from MS, this book is worth reading. Most Americans are paying the price for our bad diet, one way or another. While there is no guarantee that this will cure anyone’s MS, and the book is very clear on that, I have watched my mother become invigorated with a new burst of energy. She has been relatively symptom free. In the spirit of full disclosure, she has had MS for a long time and never did it get as bad Dr. Wahls’ disease was.

We often joke that though she is in her 60s, she has the limitless energy of a teenager. She is healthier than I have ever seen her, even pre-MS. So if you are trying to heal from the many many health problems we face from poor diet and toxic environments, I would highly recommend this book. Though it might not fix everything, it absolutely will not hurt.”

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