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5.0 out of 5 stars – I am surprised at my positive results so far February 23 2012

By Darcy Lu (TYNGSBOROUGH, MA United States) – See all my reviews

“1/29/2013: ONE YEAR UPDATE!!!! Still in this 100%. I have lost 20 pounds (nice bonus), and I do not miss the dairy, cheese, grains, pasta, cookies, processed food at all, because if i slack off my lower legs/feet hurt at night, and I like the way I feel now. As long as I jump back on, I am fine. I do not use a cane, still use my rollator (it has a seat so I can rest I have to wait) while shopping now instead of the scooter/shopping cart. I have been going to the gym for the last month, and my energy is increasing. I still have a long way to go, but I feel awesome. I have hope. I have plans!

2/23/2012: I had heard of Dr. Terry Wahls months ago and found her story compelling, but put it on the back burner … with my MS, my memory is ‘a work in progress’/aka I struggle with forgetfulness, and I have little extra energy for follow-through. Recently my librarian daughter mentioned a book that someone had raved about. Something about a doctor with MS who had been helped with diet, and her book “Mind” something … this awoke something in me. I searched and found the information I needed and ordered this book, and I am so glad I did.

I had been losing hope in the last few years. I was more fatigued (to the extreme) and needed a cane and a rollator to navigate outside my home, along with a scooter/shopping cart in stores. At home, I did little but cook a bit.

I ordered the book that same day (2/1/12) and changed my diet as quickly as I could. Within days I noticed a sudden desire to do a bit of kitchen cleaning. OMG. Okay … no big deal. But over the course of 3 weeks, I saw my balance and energy change, and my severe (aching) fatigue diminished. I no longer feel like I have the flu or just climbed a mountain. I have done more in the last few weeks than I had done in a few years and I don’t need days to recover from it.

While this may not be the ultimate cure for MS, it is better (to me) than all the DMD drugs like ABC etc. that I have tried. I am motivated to do the best for my health with nutrition, because the food industry ‘may’ not be my best friend. I am surprised at my results so far … because it has been so good for me. No dairy, no gluten/grains, no soy, no processed foods. I eat organic produce as much as possible (3c greens, 3c sulfur, 3c colors), seaweed, plus grass-fed, free-range, wild meat, poultry and fish and organ meats. I even bought a juicer (a juicer – seriously). I am in this 100%.

Thanks, Terry. I was a skeptic, but I believe.”

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