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5.0 out of 5 stars Highly Recommend, March 29, 2011
EOlsen “EOlsen” (Chicago, IL USA) – See all my reviews
This review is from: Minding My Mitochondria 2nd Edition: How I overcame secondary progressive multiple sclerosis (MS) and got out of my wheelchair. (Paperback)

“I am a 39 year old male diagnosed in 2008 with RRMS. Within 8 months I went from running 6 minute miles to a brief time in a wheel chair. I have yet to run a step since. MRIs uncovered significant lesions along my spinal cord and only two small ones in my brain. For me, MS hit hard and fast and threatened to continue until I started on Dr. Wahls diet protocol. At the time I started on the protocol I was experiencing a progression of physical and mental symptoms. The fatigue and depression were the most pronounced. As I started the diet, my energy level returned and my depression is no longer an issue for me. At the same time I improved the consistency of my exercise. I have yet to see the same improvement in my physical symptoms (ability to walk, foot drop, etc) so I am increasing focus on my leg muscles and considering electro stimulation.

I highly recommend Dr. Wahls’ approach. I am convinced I would be in a wheelchair today without taking her advice and direction.”


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