In Wahls Warriors

4.0 out of 5 stars Go dr. Wahls, February 11, 2013

By J. Pace (michigan) – See all my reviews

“I find it refreshing when medical doctors who get out of the traditional box and recognize that diet plays big role in disease. I am very confused though. Dr. Wahls says she started the Paleo diet 5 years before her recovery, but she had no improvement. She then appears to have then gone with a form of the well-known Swank diet, which is very low saturated fat and high in starch. This diet has been demonstrated to be very effective for MS over a long 34 year long study! I have also done this diet with great success for 5 years. It seems to have worked well for Terry too. Then, she changed gears and started promoting the Paleo diet that did not work. For some unknown reason (political pressure from the paleo fad dieters?), Dr. Wahls changed her protocol. So how can we be sure what actually worked? I can tell you that I start getting in trouble in a hurry when I eat any form of butter or high saturated fat. I can also tell you that starchy foods like potatoes give me energy. I have seen message boards where people with MS have quit the neo-Wahls diet (very little starch), after getting worse and worse. So at the end of the day, I am not sure what to think. We have a group of doctors pointing to good research saying saturated fat is the enemy with MS and starch is the solution. Then we have Terry, who says the opposite. She seems to have good results, but after changing. I wish she would address these issues–how/why did she change, what difference did it make, what does she think of Swank/Jelinek/McDougall, and on what studies does she base her conclusions?”
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