Maria Plaias, MSc, DipNT, mNTOI

    Hi, I’m Maria Plaias and I’m a certified Nutritional Therapist (DipNT, mNTOI), Advanced Functional Medicine Practitioner (Kharrazian Institute) and a Certified Wahls Protocol® Health Practitioner. I’m also a Biology of Trauma professional and a Somatic Experiencing practitioner in training.

    I have an online clinic and, as a Romanian-Italian based in Ireland, I’m fluent in all three languages and use them in my practice with people from all over Europe.

    Most of my clients have autoimmune diseases and, in order to better help their complex cases, I’ve trained in different specialties, from nutrigenomics to functional immunology, and gained different accreditations, from a LCHF practitioner to a SIBO-Doctor approved practitioner or a Mold-Literate certified therapist. And lately, I’ve added the mental health part of the equation through a mind-body approach, as we know that people with autoimmune diseases can also get tangled in their own biology of trauma which keeps them in a sympathetic mode for a very long time and predisposes them to a higher risk of chronic diseases later in life.
    For many years I have been a patient with no answers myself, before deciding to become a functional medicine practitioner, so I understand the frustration of being shuffled off to different specialists and no one really looking for the root cause of your chronic health issues.
    I can guide you on your own individual health journey, by helping you understand the various aspects of your condition and help you search for the WHY, while also empowering you to implement the right changes for a healthier and happier life.



    Certified Nutritional Therapist, Advanced Functional Medicine Practitioner






    Autoimmune Disease


    Digestive disorders

    Female Disorders

    Gluten Sensitivity


    Metabolic Syndrome (pre-diabetes, insulin resistance)

    Multiple Sclerosis


    Stress-related Conditions

    Thyroid, adrenal, and other hormonal disorder


    Functional Medicine

    Functional Nutrition

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