What Is Required To Implement The Wahls Diet

Dr. Terry Wahls reviews what it takes to implement the Wahls Diet. Eating for optimal health is a lifestyle commitment. Occasionally cheating, eating white flour, cooked white potatoes, sodas and other beverages with high fructose corn syrup means you are not eating for optimal health. It is a lifestyle commitment that all of the food you eat will be the best, most nutrient dense food. That means you will be eating green leaves, sulfur rich vegetables, berries and high quality protein.

How Do I Get Children To Eat The Wahls Diet

Dr. Wahls explains simple strategies to get children eating more vegetables and fruits each day. We need to eat a new food twenty to thirty times to become familiar with the taste. Removing starchy vegetables and grains from the table and replacing them with greens, berries and nuts will improve the vitamin and mineral intake of your children. She reviews strategies she used with her own children.

How Soon Can You Have More Energy Eating The Wahls Diet

Dr. Wahls reviews how quickly her patients notice an improvement in energy, mood and memory once they begin fully implementing the Wahls Diet. In her primary care and traumatic brain injury clinics, many of patients who begin eating the Wahls Diet experience more energy and fewer symptoms within a month. Furthermore over the next three years the patients continue to improve and will typically need less and less medication to control their medical and or mental health problems.

A Clinical Trial Is In Progress

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How Many Are Suffering With MS

Dr. Terry Wahls discusses the problems of autoimmune disorders. Twenty four million Americans have an autoimmune problem. Another 50 million have autoantibodies, meaning their white blood cells are attacking their bodies. The person suffers for years, often decades before a final diagnosis is made.

Dr. Wahls Explains How She Went From Wheelchair To Bicycle

Dr. Terry Wahls discusses the use of intensive nutrition in the setting of progressive multiple sclerosis. By using food Dr. Wahls went from a tilt recline wheelchair to being able to bicycle 18 miles in just one year.

Genetics Versus Lifestyle For Chronic Disease Risk

Dr. Terry Wahls explains that lifestyle choices, what we eat and do, have far greater impact than genetics in determining the health we have. Anyone who is suffering from a chronic disease such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease, mental health problems or autoimmune problems will benefit greatly from developing a health oriented lifestyle. That means eating more vegetables and fruits, regular aerobic and strength training exercise, meditations, nature time and healthy family relationships.

Do You Have A Health Problem That Could Be Helped By The Wahls Diet

Dr. Terry Wahls reviews the health problems that could be benefited by eating the Wahls Diet. These problems include diabetes, obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, autoimmune problem, mental health problems and memory loss. In short, anyone with a chronic disease would benefit from eating more vegetables and berries.

Potent Strategies For Reducing Cancer Risk

Dr. Terry Wahls discusses how having healthy white blood cells is critical to being able to lower risk of cancer, treating cancer and successfully keep it from returning. She explains how to eat to ensure you have white blood cells that are strong. She also talks about the critical role of vitamin D in lowering risk of cancer and increasing the likelihood that you will be a cancer survivor.

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