Intensive Directed Nutrition And Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation In The Setting Of Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis – Allied Health Professionals Version

Dr. Terry Wahls has secondary progressive multiple sclerosis and spent nearly four years dependent upon a tilt-recline wheelchair. An accomplished internal medicine physician, Dr. Wahls attacked her illness, reading the medical literature night after night. She learned that the majority of Americans are eating so poorly that their brains are missing key vitamins, minerals and essential fats needed by the mitochondria, the power plants for the brain cells. She designed a program of intensive, directed nutrition focused on supporting mitochondria and brain health overall. The results have been spectacular. Within a year of beginning her intensive program, Dr. Wahls was able to commute to her workplace by bike.

Dr. Wahls presents her interventions the scientific rationale and the preliminary data she has in others and the proposed research to investigate whether her interventions can help other with neurodegenerative and psychological diseases. This lecture was given to mental health professionals, including physicians, psychologists, social workers and nurses.

A portion of the proceeds from the sales will be used to support research into the use of intensive nutrition and electrical stimulation in the setting of multiple sclerosis.

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