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BodyBio: Health at the Cellular Level

Purity + Transparency – it’s at the heart of who we are which means we take the quality control of each of our products seriously. This is one of the many reasons physicians have trusted our products since our beginning. All materials used in BodyBio products undergo extreme testing in our in-house lab before they even hit the production line. But we don’t stop there. Following our in-house analysis we double-check our results at certified 3rd party testing facilities that meet our cGMP requirements.

Research Backed. Physician Trusted.

BodyBio is a nutritional supplement company that is relentlessly focused on the pursuit of health at the cellular level. BodyBio products stand out from many of the vitamins and supplements on the market because our products were originally created for those with complex disorders over 25 years ago. The founders of BodyBio are leading researchers in the field of complex metabolic disorders, fatty acid analysis, neurodegenerative diseases.  We are committed to the relentless pursuit of science and research around cellular health to improve lives and address disease with exceptional products.

Our products are developed with the utmost concern to be the purest, non-oxidized, high-quality supplements on the market. We set ourselves apart from other brands that produce generic vitamins and supplements because BodyBio products are founded on “cell membrane medicine” – an investigation into real-world science, not fictional promises. We stand steadfast behind the quality of our products, and believe in the ability of our products to improve lives one cell at a time.

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