Wahls Diet™ Compliant Meals Made Easier.

Take your healing into your own hands and get menus, recipes, and shopping lists for every meal of every day of the week! Menus available for Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3.

Now you have a plan to follow the Wahls Diet™.

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Wahls Protocol® Menus: Level 1

Recipes that introduce the Wahls Protocol® into your lifestyle. Focus on removing gluten and diary while increasing the amount of vegetables you eat.
View a sample Level 1 menu by clicking here.

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Wahls Protocol® Menus: Level 2

Recipes that take you further into implementing Wahls Protocol®. Incorporate fermented foods and seaweed. View a sample Level 2 menu by clicking here.

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Wahls Protocol® Menus: Level 3

Adapt a ketogenic diet on this level of the Wahls Protocol®.
View a sample Level 3 menu by clicking here.

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Stop worrying, start planning. Save money, start creating health.


Weekly menus so you can plan your meals in advance.


Daily recipes with breakfast, lunch, and dinner


And shopping lists—making meal planning easier.


Time and time again people ask for tools to help them implement the right diet. They want to know precisely what to eat. They want it all spelled out for them. Guidelines are not enough. To meet that need I have created Wahls Protocol® Premium Menus for you.

Get 365 days of shopping lists, menus and recipes for either Level 1, Level 2 or Level 3 of the Wahls Diet™.


After purchasing the Wahls Protocol Premium Menus, you will receive an email with a link to download the menus. You will get 365 days of menus, shopping lists, and recipes to set you up for success in following your health journey.

Sometimes emails from “customerservice@terrywahls.com” get caught in spam/junk/promotional folders in email clients. Try searching your entire inbox for “customerservice@terrywahls.com”. You may have to white-list this address  and manually opt-in to receiving these emails. Please try this first before reaching out to customer service.

Unlike our other digital products, THERE ARE NO REFUNDS issued for the premium menus. Example menus are listed on the site to review before your purchase. Once purchased, the entire set of menus is delivered for download and in the customer’s possession. All sales are final.