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Order The Wahls Protocol in Paperback,
released December 30th, 2014.
Join a quickstart program,
and connect you with your peers.

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Join your peers in the Wahls Protocol Membership site,
which is designed to build on The Wahls Protocol,
support you through diet and lifestyle changes,
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For four years, secondary progressive multiple sclerosis
confined Dr. Terry Wahls to a tilt-recline wheelchair. But
by using Functional Medicine to create The Wahls Protocol,
Dr. Wahls has transformed her health and body. Now she
walks easily without a cane and commutes by bicycle.

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Help support clinical trials that educate the public and
health-care practitioners about the benefits of an
integrative approach to optimal health and the role of food
in healing.

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Order Dr. Terry Wahls's new book and discover
how she overcame secondary progressive multiple
sclerosis using Paleo principles and Functional

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