Wahls Warrior Anastasia

Wahls Warrior Anastasia: I am Anastasia, and I am Greek. My symptoms were excessive fatigue and constant vertigo. My first attack was expressed with intolerable vertigo, nausea, and interminable vomiting. My doctor has assured me that I am an extremely rare case, as far as symptoms are concerned. I am following your diet from last March. […]

Video Testimonial by T.G.J


By T.G.J I love “Minding My Mitochondria” and follow the eating protocol very closely! I ABSOLUTELY believe food heals, and even reverses aging! I wish that everyone got that, our world would be so much healthier.

Ann Garrity


Dr. Terry Wahls served as an inspirational mentor to me after my MS diagnosis. By following the Wahls Way, I have optimized my health and vitality and regained confidence knowing I can positively impact the course of my MS. I will be forever in debt to Dr. Wahls for her scientific research and program. – […]