From Wahls Warrior Christina

Thank you for saying what we all need to hear about Paleo Lifestyle! My family has been following the Paleo way of life and eating for 2 years and turned our health around completely 100%! What a gift! No more doctors visits for chronic health issues! My friends don’t believe me, which is sad! Anyway, […]

From Wahls Warrior Neisha

Dr. Wahls, I think you need shirts that say, “Wahls Protocol…so much kale, so little time”. I have never eaten so much kale or so many beets in all my life! At the same time, I haven’t felt normal in years and slowly it’s coming back. I’m having really productive days and the debilitating brain […]

From Wahls Warrior Nathalie whose Sjogren’s symptoms were greatly reduced

Got diagnosed with Sjogren about 5 years ago. Symptoms were very dry eyes and mouth, joint pain, heartburn, bloated stomach, and unexplained extreme fatigue. I did not have a full night’s sleep for years and experience severe shin cramps (requiring daily intake of large amount of magnesium) I turned to food for solution and found […]

From Wahls Warrior Rhea

I have had two Transverse Myelitis attacks. Lesions from C1-T10. No brain ones yet and spinal tap doesn’t indicate MS. My neurologist says I am doing incredibly well and that I should “keep doing what you are doing.” I tell him I am on Dr. Wahls’ Protocol and he still after 7 months gives me […]

From Wahls Warrior Beth

I was diagnosed with MS 10 years ago and then Lyme disease. I tried conventional medicine for 8 years and it failed me. I had given up, and then I saw Dr. Wahls’ TED talk. I jumped right in and follow the diet strictly. That was two years ago. I had no symptoms for eighteen […]