Current Translations

Multiple Sklerose erfolgreich behandeln – mit dem Paläo-Programm (German Translation of The Wahls Protocol)

Wahls_GermanCoverPick up a German translation for yourself or a friend. See more info here.

Fenomenalna kuracja dr Wahls. Plan leczenia stwardnienia rozsianego i innych chorób autoimmunologicznych (Polish Translation of The Wahls Protocol)

fenomenalna-kuracja-dr-wahls-plan-leczenia-stwardnienia-rozsianego-i-innych-chorob-autoimmunologicznych-b-iext28081306Pick up a Polish translation for yourself or a friend. See more info here.

Translations in the Works

Other translations are currently on their way.

WAHLS PROTOCOL Italian: Sangiovanni’s SRL- Will be in stores January 2017

WAHLS PROTOCOL French: Guy Tredaniel Editeur- published September 2016-

WAHLS PROTOCOL Spanish: Distribuciones y Ediciones Alf- publishing January 2017

WAHLS PROTOCOL ENGL Random House UK, Limited – plan to publish June 2017

Avery controls world translation rights to the book. If you are interested in translating The Wahls Protocol, please reach out to Avery directly by completing the form below.

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