Research Opportunity for Multiple Sclerosis Related Fatigue

Individuals with relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis and fatigue are invited to participate in a research study to determine whether the Wahls Elimination Diet and Swank Diet are effective treatments for multiple sclerosis related fatigue. The Wahls Elimination Diet excludes all grains, dairy, legumes, and eggs. The Swank Diet is a low fat diet that eliminates red meat. The study consists of […]

Sexy Summit 2015


I want to ask you… how connected do you feel to your partner, your family and your friends?  Are you exhausted?  Weighed down?  Do you have so many things on your to do list you don’t know where to start?  I completely understand where you are right now. I need to ask you something real, […]

Getting Started

How do I get started with the Wahls Protocol? Many people newly diagnosed or new to hearing about Dr. Wahls find her testimony to be very compelling and they want to jump right in and start the Wahls Protocol, but some aren’t sure how to start making changes. Here are some suggested resources you can use to […]