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Sign up for the Detox Summit for free. From August 4th – 10th, you will be able to listen to many experts, along with myself. To learn more about Dr. Wahls, sign up for her email list below, and order The Wahls Protocol today. Book Resources Join over 38,000 readers and get health tips, recipes, […]

Functional Medicine: How We Will Fix Health Care

What exactly is a disease? We create a definition of each disease based on what it does to us and how it makes us feel. Those with multiple sclerosis feel the fatigue, brain fog, pain, and loss of mobility that result from degeneration of the spinal cord. Patients who feel ill want a diagnosis. They […]

Glyphosate Under Review by EPA

In a prior blog post, Dr. Wahls explained how not all breast milk is created equal. What a nursing mother eats affects her breast milk, and subsequently, the nutrients her baby receives. The quality of a mother’s diet matters, and Dr. Wahls recommends choosing organic food whenever possible to avoid an herbicide that is increasingly […]