Have you been waiting for the opportunity to work with me individually?

Are you ready to take a deep dive into the root cause of your health decline?  
Are you ready for action? 

Working with me, you’ll learn what factors are impacting your organs and helping them do their job or not.

You’ll find out how your gut is working and how to fix it, and how your immune cells, which should be protecting you from infection risk and cancer risk, are instead are attacking and damaging your body.

You’ll learn how to boost your mitochondria so they can make enough energy for you to get through the day, think clearly, and maintain stable moods, a strong heart, and/or healthy vision.

You’ll discover how balanced your hormones are and how structurally sound parts of your body are, including cell membranes, bones, ligaments, and other crucial parts of your body. 

The core of Functional Medicine and the Wahls Protocol® is understanding how your specific family history interacted with the lifetime of food choices, activity levels, and environmental exposures to lead you to your current state of health.

If you’re ready to work with me, I can help you begin righting your ship, personally teaching you how to create a healthier environment for your cells so they can rebuild a healthier you, cell by cell. 

The fact is, over time all chronic diseases are progressive. More symptoms develop. Higher doses of medicines are needed. Then more medicines are added. More disease states develop.  You have more trouble functioning at work and at home. Life becomes more and more difficult for you and your family. 

The emotional cost of suffering is enormous, regardless of the specific diagnosis. And then there’s the cost in dollars and cents. Prescription medications for autoimmune issues now cost $42,000 to $100,000 per year, for life!

If your chronic disease keeps progressing despite following your doctor’s orders faithfully, this may be your program.

If you’re tired of being prescribed a pill for every ill and still getting steadily worse, this may be just what you’re looking for.

If you’re frustrated, angry, and feel like no one cares, perhaps this is what you need.

Conventional medicine treats the symptoms; it never examines why you became ill. It never examines the root cause of your poor health. It never examines how your genes interacted with your life to create the health you have. It never examines what you can do to restore healthy function of your cells so that your cells can rebuild a healthier you.

The bottom line is conventional medicine does not make you well.
Only your cells have the potential to make you well.

Yes, you will still need to do the work, but do you know what work you should be doing?
Do you know how to find your internal motivation?
That is what you need to learn.

That is what you need to do to become well, and that is the premise of the Wahls Protocol® and Functional Medicine.
That is what I want to teach you.

What to expect out of the Wahls Protocol® Total Immersion Program

I will personally review your specific health history to create a detailed understanding of your unique health timeline, your health issues, and your symptoms to understand the root causes of why your cells are not working well. Then I will outline a plan to evaluate and understand the root causes of your current health issues. Once that is complete, together we will develop a road map for improving how your cells function and how you can steadily reduce your pain, improve your mood and memory, normalize your blood sugar and pressure, and get you back to a healthy weight.  

This is essentially a road map for reducing your need for prescription medication. A road map for youthening, that is, reversing the accelerated aging that is part of all chronic disease. 

Again, this is not for everyone. 

I have room for just a handful of clients who are ready for this intensive evaluation and support.   Hundreds have been contacting me, asking and pleading for the chance to work with me. I’m delighted to finally have the opportunity to work with those who are ready to take action. 

Your complete application includes your name, address, main problem for which you want help, email contact for scheduling a phone call to go over the details of your health with one of my team members, and application fee. The application fee to reserve your space is $197.
This payment will be applied to the cost of the 6-month program.

How the Wahls Protocol® Total Immersion Program Works:

The total cost of Wahls Protocol® Total Immersion program is $14,997.

This includes 6 months of Total Immersion health coaching with
Dr. Wahls and her team of health professionals.
Here’s a rundown of the program. 

Before your in-person evaluation with Dr. Wahls:

  • Initial pre-visit call with Dr. Wahls’ team to review available services and payment plan 
    (Upon completion of initial deposit for the 6-month program)
  • Pre-visit video chat with Dr. Wahls’ team to review what forms you will need to complete prior to having your visit scheduled. You will be given the list of recommended labs that you can obtain through your primary care medical team. These may be covered by your medical insurance and should be obtained prior to in-person evaluation with Dr. Wahls.

Wahls Protocol® Total Immersion Program
In-person Immersion Experiences:

The in-person healing Immersion Experiences are designed to give you the experience of living the Wahls Protocol® and deeply understanding the choices you make each day that can improve your health and vitality.

For one evening, two full days, and one morning, you will live the Wahls Protocol® along with a small group of other Wahls Warriors® who are highly motivated and ready to take action to change their lives. Together you will learn and practice new skills to facilitate your healing.

The Experiences will start with an introductory discussion by Dr. Wahls or her team, followed by these guided experiences:

Individual appointments

During the Immersion Experience, you will have an individual appointment with Dr. Wahls. The Immersion Experiences will be recorded (audio only) so that you will have access to discussion that you missed during your individual appointment.


You’ll learn how to boost your detoxification pathways using food, spices, herbs, and detoxification practices. We will teach you about the benefits of oil pulling, mud masks, skin brushing, and detox soaks, how to assess your tolerance for saunas, and we’ll practice some of these techniques together.


Improving resilience is key to nurturing internal motivation to do the work of successfully adopting and sustaining the necessary changes in diet and lifestyle. You will have the opportunity to reflect on what you want your health for, your personal mission statement, and how to achieve the pleasant life, the good life, the meaningful life. You will also work on crafting your Hero’s Journey as part of your healing journey. You will practice power poses and positive healing affirmations. This is the most transformative part of the Immersion Experience.


Cooking classes will teach you how to make delicious food for you and your family. You’ll also learn how to make menus, shop, cook, track your progress with a Wahls Protocol® food log, and create a new relationship with food. You will also learn how to use the Pulse Test to assess food sensitivities.

Stress reduction

Excessive stress is the most common trigger that tips people over into overt disease symptoms and one of the most common reasons for blocks in the recovery. We will review the many options for stress-reducing activities to find the ones that resonate the most effectively with you. Journaling, gratitude journaling, forest breathing, guided meditations, and mindfulness will be practiced. You will also have an opportunity to have a massage from a licensed massage therapist during your stay.

Tai Chi or Yoga

A Tai Chi or Yoga instructor will discuss the benefits of tai chi and yoga and then teach a class that is specific to those attending the Wahls Protocol® Total Immersion Program.

In-person evaluation with Dr. Wahls:

  • Identification of current health concerns 
  • Identification of the specific triggers and mediators that may have started off damaging processes that caused your symptoms 
  • Identification of the root causes of what is damaging your organs and thus contributing to your current symptoms
  • Identification of the modifiable lifestyle factors that contribute most to your current symptoms
  • Identification of the specific modifiable lifestyle factors that have the highest leverage potential for reducing pain, improving mood, improving energy, reducing brain fog, and improving memory, given your unique genetic factors and environmental exposures
  • Identification of the specific laboratory testing your primary care team can use to monitor your progress
  • Identification of the specific functional medicine testing that may help us understand your health issues more comprehensively
  • Interpretation of test results and refinement of recommendations
  • Mutual development of specific recommendations to improve how your cells can conduct the chemistry of life more correctly, which is key to allowing your cells and organs to heal

After your in-person evaluation with Dr. Wahls:

  • Access to monthly group Wahls Protocol® coaching calls for 6 months
  • Follow up audio or video call 6 weeks after your in-person evaluation to assess response to initial recommendations and review assessments
  • Recommendations regarding what testing to repeat periodically with primary care medical team when discharged from the WAHLS PROTOCOL® TOTAL IMMERSION PROGRAM 
  • Recommendations regarding what functional medicine testing to repeat in 3 to 4 months
  • Follow up of form completion, which includes symptoms review and review of aforementioned completed lab assessments via audio or video call
  • Online access to virtual education on Wahls Protocol® principles
  • Online access to Wahls Protocol® menus, recipes, and grocery lists
  • Online access to Virtual Home Pantry Assessment and Home Pantry Rebuild
  • Online access to Wahls Protocol® educational videos and group support 

Get Started Today!

Due to the high demand for The Wahls Protocol Total Immersion Program, we have started a waitlist.
By submitting a $197 refundable deposit, you will reserve a spot in future sessions.
A member of Dr. Wahls staff will contact you with more information about the Total Immersion Program as spots become available.

Working hours

Mondays by appointment only
Monday-Friday 8am-5pm for scheduling
your pre-visit call


Appointments are held at Epic Functional Medicine Center
in Iowa City, IA
Virtual appointments are held via Zoom App

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