Have you been waiting for the
opportunity to work with me individually?

I have established The Wahls Institute PLC. for clients who are ready for this intensive evaluation and support. Working with me, you’ll learn what factors are impacting your organs and determine if they are creating health or part of your health decline. The core of Functional Medicine and the Wahls Protocol® is understanding how your specific family history interacted with a lifetime of food choices, activity levels, and environmental exposures to lead you to your current state of health.

Conventional medicine may control symptoms for a time, but it is very rare that conventional medicine can return you to full health and vitality.

For that, you need someone who addresses the root causes of why your cells began to not function properly.

Conventional medicine treats the symptoms; it never examines why you became ill. It never examines the root cause of your poor health. It never examines how your genes interacted with your life to create the health you have. It never examines what you can do to restore healthy function of your cells so that your cells can rebuild a healthier you.

Conventional medicine does not make you well.
Only your cells have the potential to make you well.

Yes, you will still need to do the work, but do you know what work you should be doing?
Do you know how to find your internal motivation?
That is what you need to learn.

That is what you need to do to become well,
and that is the premise of the Wahls Protocol® and Functional Medicine.
That is what I want to teach you.


Are you ready for action?

If you’re ready to work with me, I can help you begin righting your ship, personally teaching you how to create a healthier environment for your cells so they can rebuild a healthier you, cell by cell.

I will personally review your specific health history to create a detailed understanding of your unique health timeline, your health issues, and your symptoms to understand the root causes of why your cells are not working well. Then I will outline a plan to evaluate and understand the root causes of your current health issues. Once that is complete, together we will develop a road map for improving how your cells function and how you can steadily reduce your pain, improve your mood and memory, normalize your blood sugar and pressure, and get you back to a healthy weight.

This is essentially a road map for reducing your need for prescription medication. A road map for youthening, that is, reversing the accelerated aging that is part of all chronic disease.

Again, this is not for everyone.

I have room for just a handful of clients who are ready for this intensive evaluation and support. Hundreds have been contacting me, asking and pleading for the chance to work with me. I’m delighted to finally have the opportunity to work with those who are ready to take action.


Functional Medicine Programs at
The Wahls Institute PLC

Health Optimization Program

The Wahls Institute Health Optimization Program offers 6-months of guided support.

This program includes:

  • Initial 3-hour functional medicine consultation with Dr. Wahls
  • 6 monthly group coaching calls with Dr. Wahls
  • 4 month follow-up appointment
  • 3 health coaching calls with an FMCA Apprentice/or certified Health Coach
  • Access to Dr. Wahls online digital learning modules
  • 6-months of Wahls Protocol Premium menus, shopping lists and recipes

Total cost of Health Optimization Program: $7997
Dr. Wahls is not seeing international patients at this time.


Interested in working with Dr. Wahls?


Reserve Your Spot On The Waitlist

This $497 deposit will hold your spot as a patient who is ready to work with Dr. Wahls. A member of her team will follow with a short consultation call to determine which program will align with your health goals. Expect this call to last about 20 minutes. If you decide that you are not ready to commit to a program, the deposit will be fully refunded.

Working Hours:

Dr. Wahls sees patients on Fridays by appointment only in Iowa City.

For questions or support, contact info@wahlsinstitute.com

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