Kathy Friedle

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    Kathy Friedle has spent her 25+ year career as an Occupational Therapist, helping her clients find solutions to what was standing in their way of living their best life, doing whatever was important to them. It is in her career that she learned to view a client holistically and consider the whole person and all of the contributing factors that make one an individual with unique thoughts, beliefs, patterns, and motivations.

    Kathy, with her valuable experience as an Occupational Therapist and her interest in preventative and alternative medicine, was naturally led into the world of Health Coaching, and she became certified through the National Society of Health Coaches in 2019. In addition, as a result of her daughter being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2014 and finding out about The Wahls Protocol, Kathy went through the program to become Certified as a Wahls Protocol Health Professional.  Another area of great interest to Kathy is the Mind-Body connection and how stress and negative emotions can affect physical health. In 2018, she completed certification as an Emotional Freedom Technique and Energy Psychology Practitioner and sees the value in having tools that help her clients make and sustain difficult lifestyle changes.

    As a Health Coach, no matter the client’s health issues or goals, Kathy recognizes that behavior change comes from the client and as such, the client is the “true” change agent. She also understands how the sub-conscious mind works to keep us the same and makes change very difficult. That is where her use of the Emotional Freedom Technique and other mind-body practices becomes very useful. Kathy is able to guide her client’s through a process of clearing out negative emotions and limiting beliefs in order to over-ride the subconscious mind and allow new, healthier habits to emerge

    Kathy welcomes the opportunity to help her client’s overcome obstacles and create new patterns and habits to meet their unique goals to improve their health and well-being

    Kathy sees clients virtually via Zoom or over the telephone


    Occupational Therapist and Health Coach


    (407) 247-7513







    United States


    Alzheimer's Disease

    Autoimmune Disease

    Behavior change

    Chronic Disease

    Chronic Pain

    Multiple Sclerosis

    Skin Disorders

    Stress-related Conditions

    Weight or Metabolism concerns


    Health Coaching

    Occupational Medicine

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