Dr. Helen Cross
    Dr. Helen Cross is passionate about helping people transform their health by transforming their diet and lifestyle. Driven by her energy, vision and personal journey healing her own autoimmune conditions, she has transformed her career over the last few years from a leading business strategist, mentor and director to a pioneering health coach dedicated to empowering others to take control of their health.

    Helen calls herself a Health Engineer as she is focused on using her skills in engineering, her business coaching experience, her wellness journey, and health education to help her clients’ transform their lives. She coaches people with pressing health issues, with a special focus on people with Autoimmune Diseases. She demonstrates the critical ability to stimulate transformational health and wellbeing for individuals.

    Through her “Designer Life” health coaching program, Helen empowers her clients to create miraculous health improvements and sustainable healthy diet and lifestyle changes, while embracing their own uniqueness.  

    She also has a rare ability to bring impactful, scalable wellness changes to organisations. In addition to her one-on-one health coaching, Helen offers businesses health and wellness programs for businesses that wish to invest in the health and wellness of their staff.

    Helen is the first in New Zealand to have achieved a Masters in Health Coaching. She has studied through a New York based university the latest health and wellness research in topics including functional medicine, gut health, hormone health, diet and lifestyle modifications, and their impact on many health conditions, from may of the leading specialists in the world . Helen has trained as an Internationally Certified Health Coach.  Helen has also completed training with Dr. Terry Wahls (who reversed her own Multiple Sclerosis and developed a diet protocol for autoimmune conditions). Helen became a Wahls Certified Health Professional to help others implement Dr. Wahls’ diet protocol.  

    In her former years, Helen completed a PhD in Engineering and a 20-year career as a business coach, coaching over 200 businesses in developing and implementing their innovative growth strategies.

    Helen welcomes the opportunity to help other people suffering from autoimmune conditions improve their health.
    Dr. Helen Cross sees patients virtually.


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    Autoimmune Disease

    Behavior change

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