The Marriot Hotel, Cedar Rapids, IA
July 24-27th 2019
Health Professional Workshop & Exam, July 27th

SaunaSpace®: The Sauna for Everyone

Enjoy the full-body detoxification and revitalization of near infrared sauna therapy. We use tungsten lamps that incandesce a natural thermal light spectrum of red, near infrared and thermal infrared light wavelengths. Natural Light and Heat Therapy. Safe Detoxification.


Experience the ancestral healing power of the sun’s full-spectrum light in the convenience of your own home! SaunaSpace® products harness the natural alliance of Red/Near-Infrared Light Therapy and Heat Therapy for complete cellular rejuvenation through full-body mitochondrial stimulation and cellular detoxification.
We handcraft the ultimate healing & meditative space, bringing you the world’s finest personal & portable sauna solutions. All our products are hypoallergenic, tested for ultra-low EMF and guaranteed with our lifetime warranty.
The Pocket Sauna®, our marquee full-body solution, is truly the sauna for every body: both beautiful and functional. It delivers the safest, most comfortable form of detoxification on earth – the combination of light & heat therapies in a stress-free environment means accessibility for even the most sensitive, infirm users. Our thoughtful design and heirloom quality ensure your daily sauna experience is convenient and pleasing, year after year.
In between your Pocket Sauna sessions, use the SaunaSpace® Near Infrared Single Light Panel for convenient targeted full-spectrum light therapy. It fits in a carry-on luggage and is uniquely designed for convenient use anywhere you go.
We are also excited to announce the early 2018 release of our new EMF Sanctuary Sauna Upgrade for the Pocket Sauna. With this upgrade, the entire sauna enclosure becomes a Faraday Cage, blocking all current forms of EMF from entering the sauna. Detox your body free from all that stressful EMF!
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