The Wahls Protocol Seminar

Pique Tea is a Wahls Protocol Seminar & Retreat sponsor. Join us July 30–August 1, 2020  (Until August 2 for the Health Professional Certification) in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Click here to sign up today.

The Tea For Radiant Health

Pique is the world’s first Tea Crystals designed for health benefits like improved gut health, intermittent fasting and reduced stress.

Made via a patented Cold Brew Crystallization process that delivers 12x the antioxidants and Triple Toxin Screen for pesticides, heavy metals and mold. 

Pique delivers greater Potency, Purity and Ease-of-use than any other tea. It is also the #1 doctor recommended tea. Made by founder, Simon Cheng who struggled with health issues for 10 years before healing his body with plant medicine and medicinal breathwork.

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