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MitoQ is a Wahls Protocol Seminar & Retreat sponsor.

World-first mitochondria-targeted supplement

As we move through life, we get wiser, and our ambitions grow. We step up to take on more – it’s the power we all have. But as we age, the way our body makes power falters in a way we all need to understand. That’s where MitoQ® comes in.

MitoQ’s story begins in a science lab at The University of Otago, New Zealand in the 1990’s. Biochemist, Robin Smith and Mitochondrial Specialist, Michael Murphy, discovered a way to deliver CoQ10 antioxidants into the mitochondria (the powerplants of our cells) by penetrating the mitochondrial membrane.

This was a world-first, and MitoQ® was born.

The development of the supplement range began with MitoQ® 5mg, simply containing the single ingredient break-through formula. To this day it is the company’s best-selling product. After realizing that you could combine MitoQ® with additional premium ingredients to target specific aspects of health and well-being, the range was expanded. There are now over 10 supplements in the range to support the body’s major organs including the heart, skin, eyes and joints.

Over the last decade there has been over $60 million dollars of independent research development investment in MitoQ®. With over 350 published, peer-reviewed papers from the world’s leading research institutions investigating the positive effect of MitoQ® across a variety of health-related subjects.

MitoQ® has been measured to be hundreds of times more effective at delivering CoQ10 antioxidants directly into the mitochondria than any other CoQ10 antioxidant supplement. The result is that MitoQ® helps set your mitochondria and your cells up with optimal energy for cell function. Once back at their best, mitochondria power our cells, which power our organs which power our bodies, so we can power through life and do more of the things that matter.

MitoQ® is a true scientific breakthrough that is changing lives, with a vision to re-build humankind cell by cell, human by human. MitoQ is passionate about helping people revitalize, re-energize and rejuvenate every cell in their body, so they can thrive in their world.

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