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Wahls' Research Papers and Gait Videos

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Functional Medicine Glossary

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The Wahls Protocol® Membership Site

Join me in my online community of curated lectures, learning modules, and where you have an opportunity to have your questions answered in my monthly Q & A Round-up. The Wahls Protocol® Membership Site is an ever-evolving library of information for those who are new to the Protocol® and those who may have been following it for years. Use the forums to share stories, recipes and connect with other Wahls Warriors™ and health professionals.


Wahls Diet™ Compliant Meals Made Easier

Time and time again people ask for tools to help them implement the right diet. They want to know precisely what to eat. They want it all spelled out for them. Guidelines are not enough. To meet that need I have created Wahls Protocol® Premium Menus for you.

Get 365 days of shopping lists, menus and recipes for either Level 1, Level 2 or Level 3 of the Wahls Diet™.

Find a Wahls Protocol® Certified Health Professional

I’ve had an overwhelming amount of people tell me they can’t find a health professional who is willing to work with them in the way they want. I have designed a foundational training program designed for health professionals who are using The Wahls Protocol® in their practice. If you are looking for additional support in your health journey, use this directory to be sure you are working with someone who has successfully completed my training program.


Transformative lectures. A healing community. Control of your health.

This is the 6th year of the Wahls Protocol® Seminar. Numerous attendees return year after year to learn about the latest research and to reconnect with their fellow Wahls Warriors™.  At my 3 day seminar, I lecture with other health and wellness experts to teach you actionable steps to share with your healthcare team at home. Learn functional medicine principles and how they fit into your own health journey. Dig deep to find the internal motivation to start health-promoting behaviors and gain support from the community of Wahls Warriors™ who understand what you are going through.

There are many ways to find diet and lifestyle information and support for your journey. Some of you may decide you have the financial resources and time to spend on a consultation with a functional medicine practitioner.

Others of you may not. Regardless of your approach, stay positive.
Do what you can. Use the library. Work with your primary care team.
Do not obsess over whether you can afford functional medicine.
Obsess over learning how to cook at home.
Obsess over eating what is recommended and eliminating what is harmful.
Obsess over what is in your control.
Participate in support groups online and in your community to share your experiences and strengthen your resolve.
And let go of what you cannot do or access.

If you want to learn more from me and my team about the many things that you can do to restore your health, consider joining the membership site, or if your finances allow for it, come to the Wahls Protocol® Seminar and Retreat. Keep learning. Keep focusing on what is in your control. The most critical thing you can do for your health is understand that there is a very large difference between doing the diet most of the time (even 95%) and doing the diet 100% of the time. Keep working at it, every day and every week, and know that it takes time.

It took me 17 years to get my daily program to where I am today…and I am still improving my diet and lifestyle choices. No matter which path you choose, the journey back to health is available to you.

In health,

Dr. Terry Wahls

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