The Wahls Protocol® Health & Wellness Experts Webinar Series #6

Using Ancestral Health, Functional Medicine and the Microbiome to Get Your Health (and Life) Back on Track
+ Q & A With Terry Wahls, MD

May 22nd, 2018 at 7:00 pm CST

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In my next webinar, I will talk about my personal journey into severe disability.

I’ll discuss the evaluations I underwent, getting diagnosed, and having to come to terms with getting progressively weaker and weaker and experiencing more and more pain. I’ll talk about slowing my decline through self-experimentation with diet, vitamins, and supplements.

I will discuss my discovery of the Ancestral Health Movement and then Functional Medicine and the framework that both Ancestral Health and Functional Medicine have provided for thinking about the interaction between our genes and various environmental factors and how that affect our health.

I’ll review some of the latest research on the connection between the microbiome, the brain and the immune system and how our microbiome contributes to our health.

I will also discuss the topics you propose. I will answer the questions you submit.

Do you have questions about other autoimmune conditions? Mental health issues? How functional medicine can help address behavior or learning problems with children? Chronic pain? Weight problems? Fatty liver?  What functional medicine might offer if no one can make a specific diagnosis of your problem?

Sign up through the form so you can submit your questions and topics for me to address. After you register, you’ll get directed to the event page where you can submit your questions! 

During the FREE webinar you will hear:

  • About my health journey that used Ancestral Health and Functional Medicine  to help me get up from a tilt-recline wheelchair and back to riding bike in 9 months
  • The intricate relationship between your microbiome, genes, disease and health
  • The role of diet and lifestyle in creating a healthy microbiome
  • Have you questions answered in an audience Q & A session

I can guarantee this is one webinar you won’t want to miss!

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