Food as Medicine: Part 4

Dr. Wahls summarizes the link between deficiency in Vitamin D levels due to lack of sunshine and deficiency in vitamin intake and mineral intake due to the Standard American Diet and its focus on white flour, white sugar and high fructose corn syrup. She then outlines a strategy to eat to maximize the vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients in our diet.

In the Nutrition Interventions lecture to first year medical students in the College of Medicine, Dr. Wahls teaches how to assess the nutritional status of individuals through a nutrition history, examination of the skin and nails. She explains how vitamin D deficiency and mineral deficiencies are associated with the top ten causes of death. Essential fat deficiency is often a factor in refractory psoriasis and stubborn eczema, and overgrowth of the wrong bacteria in one’s small bowels can increase the risk for autoimmune problems of all types.

Dr. Wahls addresses the concern that it costs too much to follow the Wahls Diet. She shows us how to afford eating a vegetable and fruit intensive diet. She shows us foods that are easy to grow to meet our needs for B vitamins, minerals (including the key minerals of sulfur and iodine) and omega 3 fats, all necessary ingredients for optimal health. She even has options for those who don’t have a garden, a yard, a balcony or even access to sunshine.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this CD will be used to support research into the use of intensive, directed nutrition in the setting of autoimmune disease.

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