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If you want to restore your physical strength, coordination, and endurance,
but feel discouraged, this course is where to start.

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Learn how to use exercise and electrical stimulation to reverse the damage of inactivity and improve strength, endurance, and coordination.

In this course, you will cover:

• How Is TENS Different From E Stim?

• What Is Microcurrent?

• FDA Approved Indications For NMES And E Stim

• What About E Stim For Paralyzed People?

• What Are The Benefits of Prescription and OTC devices?

• E Stim, TENS and Microcurrent In Clinical Practice And Research

• Harms Of Inactivity

• Benefits of Exercise

• How Do You Use Estim to Augment Physical Training

• A Summary Of The Benefits Of E Stim

• E Stim Devices

• Who Can Help Me With E Stim

• The Benefits Of E Stim

• The Risks Of E Stim

• What Is The First E-Stim Session Like?

• How To Start Moving Your Body

• Movement

• Clinic E Stim Experience

(This course is NOT designed to instruct you how to do E Stim on yourself.
Seek out a trained professional who can design a specific program for your rehabilitation needs)

Dr. Terry Wahls teaches you what she learned from her rehabilitation process to help you and your care team design a movement and exercise plan to improve your health.

When I began my physical rehabilitation program, I did not expect to recover. I did all that I could–working with a physical therapist (PT) three times a week and spending hours each day at home on the program my PT had designed for me—expecting the best I could do was slow my decline. 

We can use exercise and E-stim to help our muscles contract and begin the rehabilitation process. In this E-course I talk about my experience in rehabilitation, which professionals are the most helpful with designing your rehabilitation program, and which professionals are the most helpful with electrical stimulation of muscles. 

If you want to learn how to stop the damage of inactivity and how to take your rehabilitation to the next level, this course will help you get you there. I know from experience it can be done. The damage from inactivity can be stopped. Your muscles can grow stronger. The connection between your brain and muscles can be strengthened. Begin your rehabilitation to a fuller, more active life today.

I have created a video course to teach you what I learned during my rehabilitation process.

Through this course, you will:

  • Gain an understanding of how E Stim works and the devices available
  • Identify who can help you design a program using an E Stim device
  • Learn why our bodies require movement to thrive
  • Learn about the harms of inactivity
  • Learn easy exercises to keep both your brain and body healthy

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