The Marriot Hotel, Cedar Rapids, IA
July 24-27th 2019
Health Professional Workshop & Exam, July 27th

Bio-Botanical Research

Celebrating 30 years of helping physicians address infections naturally, Bio-Botanical Research® provides healthcare professionals with broad-spectrum botanical formulations designed to assist those with GI dysbiosis, biofilms, oral, and systemic immune challenges. Biocidin®, our flagship product, has been laboratory tested and clinically verified for effectiveness. University research and clinical trials on Biocidin® include multiple pathogen biofilms, Lyme, sIgA modulation, SIBO, GI pathogens, and oral and periodontal health.

Our products have a significant impact on health, offering a valuable alternative to standard therapies by supporting the elimination of pathogens both orally and throughout the body. We offer free educational resources and personalized training to assist practitioners in clinical practice.

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