Food as Medicine: Part 2

These are the next two lectures in the Food as Medicine series: The Foods to Eat; The Actions to Take for a BETTER BRAIN and Autoimmunity and the Role of Food Allergies. Dr. Wahls summarizes her use of intensive nutrition in her recovery from severe disability due to secondary progressive multiple sclerosis. Dr. Wahls reviews the data on how poor our nutrition is. She then teaches us how to eat and actions to take to ensure our mitochondria and brain cells have all the building blocks on hand for the mitochondria to generate the power we need to live and for our brain cells to do the work of being a brain.

In the second lecture she summarizes the information on the epidemic of autoimmune disease in America. She then discusses how the foods we eat can either contribute to increasingly severe or a reduction in autoimmune symptoms. She then outlines a program of eating to reduce the fires of inflammation in autoimmune diseases.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this DVD will be used to support research into the use of intensive, directed nutrition in the setting of autoimmune disease.

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