Food as Medicine: Part 1

These are the first two lectures in the Food as Medicine series. In the first lecture, Food as Medicine: Introduction, Dr. Wahls teaches her physician colleagues and the public about the critical link between the foods we eat or do not eat and the health we have or do not have. Using clear and easily understood terms and metaphors, Dr. Wahls shows us how to eat to maximize the health of one’s mitochondria which are the power house for our cells. By eating the correct building blocks, we can improve the health of our brains and our bodies.

In the second lecture, Obesity, Starvation and Addition Trial, you will learn about the links between obesity, starvation (for the key vitamins, minerals and essential fats necessary to do the work of living) and addiction to foods with calories and no vitamins, minerals and other key building blocks (fast food). A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this DVD will be used to fund research into the use of intensive nutrition in others with neurological diseases.

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